Aircraft Tug

Aircraft Tugs

Check out our patented lift system, it will make moving any aircraft safe and simple.

24 HP Tiffin Aire Tug

Technical Specifications

Power Plant: 24 H.P., liquid cooled, Yanmar 3 cylinder, indirect fuel injection, Operates on Diesel No. 1 or No. 2 fuel.
Electrical System: 12 Volt, 20 AMP
Ignition: Electronic
Lift & Steering System: Hydraulic
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Standard Gauges: Fuel Gauge, Hour Meter, Oil Pressure Warning Light, Alternator Warning Light, Water Temperature Gauge, and PTO Warning Light, Service Minder Light
Features: Tilt Steering Wheel, Parking Brake, Manual Positraction, Chrome Hub Caps, Safety Cable, Adjustable Tire Stops, Automatic Single Wheel Lift System, Utility Box, and Foot Brake, Cup Holder, Cell Plug
Lighting: Front & Rear (Halogen)
Fuel Capacity: 6.5 Gallons
Lift Capacity: 5,000 pounds
Rated Mover Capacity: 25,000 pounds
Weight: 1,915 pounds (without the operator)
Tires: 18” X 8.50 (pneumatic) front
26” X 12.00 (pneumatic rear)
Wheel Base: 76 inches
Overall Width: 46 inches
Overall Length: 148 inches
Paint: John Deere Green Enamel
Options: Wheel Chains, Pintle Hook, Wheel Weights, Chimed Wheel Lift Shoes
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