Aircraft Maintenance

Tiffin Aire has the expertise and equipment to tackle all of your aircraft needs in a timely manner.

Tiffin Aire Inc is a quality provider of aircraft maintenance and repair. We perform annual inspections and repairs on Pipers, Cessnas, Beechcraft, Cirrus and more. We are an Authorized Piper Service Center, Cessna Service Center, Lycoming Service Center and Michelin Authorized Service Center. Our partnership with Blackhawk Modifications, a recognized aviation leader, has given us new products to provide engine performance solutions to the turboprop fleet.

Tiffin Aire performs 100-hour and annual inspections on virtually all general aviation aircraft. At Tiffin Aire, our emphasis is quality work and safety. Our technicians perform a detailed inspection of every part of your aircraft, including an in-depth check of your logbooks and applicable Airworthiness Directives. A borescope inspection is available for turboprop and piston aircraft. A complimentary exterior wash is also included with all annuals.

Tiffin Aire is an FAA certified repair station, number DTXR341D.

We stock a large quantity of the most commonly used aircraft parts in our large stockroom. This includes tires, Cleveland wheel & brake parts, oil filters, Piper parts, as well as Lycoming and Continental engine parts.

Static/Transponder/Altimeter checks can be completed at Tiffin Aire (meets the 2 yr. FAR 91.411,413 requirements). Exchange units and compass overhauls are available to help you keep your aircraft in compliance.

Tiffin Aire also offers a modern digital aircraft weighing system. This system allows us to accurately weigh your aircraft in as little as an hour. We provide you with a printed report of the new weight and balance data to keep your records up to date.